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9ct White Gold Multi Gemstone Pendant


This stunning pendant is crafted from 9ct white gold and features a beautiful arrangement of precious stones. The bottom of the pendant boasts an elegant topaz stone with a rich, sparkling blue hue that captures the light beautifully. At the top is a round shape amethyst stones, which add a subtle touch of purple to the piece, and a peridot stones, which bring a touch of green. The different coloured stones work together seamlessly to create a unique and eye-catching design. The pendant is held by a sleek and sturdy bail, allowing it to be worn on a variety of necklaces. Perfect for adding a touch of colour and sophistication to any outfit, this pendant is sure to become a treasured addition to any jewelery collection.


Amethyst, Peridot, Swiss Blue Topaz total 2.77ct

Round 4.0mm x1, Oval 6x4mm x1, Square 7mm x1


Complimentary plated chain included.